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Перевод любого материала с английского на русский и с русского на английский.
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Перевод любого материала с английского на русский и с русского на английский.

Стоимость перевода 1 листа А4 – 400 р.

50% аванса до начала работы

50% по завершении и принятии заказчиком

Время на перевод: 1-2 дня на одну страницу

3 бесплатные правки от заказчика после завершения перевода

Стоимость каждой следующей правки – 500-1000 р. в зависимости от размера и характера правки.

Шрифт: Times New Roman, 12

Интервал: 1,5

Аванс не возвращается вне зависимости от претензий заказчика. Решите, действительно ли вам нужен перевод!

Заявки и вопросы на почту zagur@bk.ru

ОБРАЗЕЦ (Начало книги ПОПАДОС )

“Shit, what the hell is happening? Why can’t I remember where I am?! All I remember is the trip to the mountains and fishing. Then I woke up here!” – I thought, getting more and more nervous and frustrated replaying that day over and over again in my mind.

My brothers and I quite often go trout fishing in the mountains. This time was no different. We usually fish in mountain rivers and brooks, and when we get to the spot, we separate and go in different directions. Considering that there’s usually three or four of us we leave two guys at one spot and then move a couple of kilometers further or even to another river, in the next gorge and fish there. This time I asked my brother to drop me off near the river that runs from a small ravine and runs deep into the mountain.

I covered a lot of distance in for hours because there was no biting. It didn’t really bother me, and I just moved forward hoping for better luck someplace else. And did I get lucky! So, here I am, pulling one trout after another, some musical mix-up ringing in my head and then… Then I woke up in this goddamn box, and then in that cell. No matter how hard I try I cannot remember what happened or how I got here.

Brooding all over that I didn’t pay attention to noises from behind the door and slowly nearing voice. A panic thought of lurking and hiding crept into my brain, but didn’t stay there for long. There was no place to hide here. So I simply stood up and stepped back to the wall not expecting anything good from the guests. Pretty soon the sound of a door being open interrupted my not so happy waiting and added a few more puzzles. The man was wearing some kind of cheap sci-fi movie armor, which left me totally perplexed. However, a truncheon and a tactic holster with a gun handle on his thigh made me take the situation more serious. He also had some electronics and indicators on his outfit which I hadn’t noticed from the first look.

I guess he hadn’t planned to give me time to mull it over and a threatening shout came out of his mouth. I couldn’t make out what he was shouting ‘cause the language was completely unknown to me, and that’s without any exaggerations. If you heard a foreign language at least once, you can recognize it. And here I couldn’t match it to anything! While trying to listen closely to his speech I suddenly and to my utter surprise realized I was starting to understand and even know how to answer to him using his own language. That fact must have shocked me even more than his appearance and my own poor situation. I know for sure that I can speak only two languages, and it’s not even close to either of them. I had never heard it before!

- Can you hear me, you, stupid savage? – repeated that wonder boy waving his truncheon before my eyes and bringing me back to reality for good.

- Move it, meat sack! Get out or I’ll shove this shocker up your ass!

My readiness and a habit of adequately reacting to any aggression, which had been taught to me by the street, school, and the university of my city, almost got into real trouble here. Good thing was the unusual situation and my own shitty state stopped me from doing anything stupid. Having forgotten about any pride I stepped out into a long corridor, passing the guard.

At first glance I noticed that the corridor was separated into many cells throughout all its length. The same armored guards were pushing or kicking out people into the corridor from other cells.

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